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A M E T H Y S T | T H E R A P I E S

Alison Day Cert: ECBS

Take a moment to relax and soothe your body with various tactile movements

Therapeutic Massage

Massage is a form of ancient healing, which has been in use for thousands of years, to ease muscle stiffness and muscle strains, relieve pain, calm and relax nerves.

Therapeutic Massage manipulates the soft tissues of the body, by various tactile movements. Encouraging the body towards the physical and emotional balance of Homeostasis.

There are many benefits of Massage, some of which are;

- Relieves Muscular Tension
- Reduces Anxiety and Tension
- Calms the Nervous System
- Stimulates the Circulatory System
- Increases Metabolism
- Stimulates the Lymphatic System
- Eases Insomnia

Price Therapeutic Massage

Shoulder, back and neck Approx - 40mins

Full body Approx 1 hour