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Alison Day Cert: ECBS

A gentle and ancient holistic therapy

Thermo Auricular Therapy (Hopi ear candle)

Thermo Auricular therapy is a gentle and ancient holistic therapy, using Hopi ear candles. Traditionally used by Shaman healers, ear candles are a natural and painless alternative to syringing. Their historic roots are found with the Native Indians of North and South America. Knowledge of this treatment was brought to Europe from the oldest Pueblo Tribe, the Hopi Indians.

If you suffer from the following this treatment can benefit you considerably;

- Glue Ear
- Excessive Wax
- Sinusitis
- Catarrh
- Headaches
- Rhinitis
- Migraines

Price Thermo Auricular Therapy

(Hopi Ear Candle)